Guns & Ammo Auction

Saturday, January 23rd 10:00 am - 401 E. Main St. Anthony, KS


Rem. Mod. 700 .243 Ser. E6709172 with Simmons Retec 2.8-10X44

Sportserized .303 4mk1 with bayonets Ser.1807819  1942

Winchester Mod 255 .22 mag. Ser. 524741 with Simmons 3-9X32

Rem. 1100 LW 20 Gauge Ser. L801816K

Mossberg 800AT 12 gauge  Ser. 11473962

Mendoza RM 2003 .177 / .22 interchangeable

Savage Mod 93R17 17 HMR Ser.1596487 with Bushnell 3-9X40

RMS Mod. 45 West Germany .177 Ser. 469769 with BSA 4X32

New England Firearms NV282316   interchangeable barrels 22-250, .410, .024

F. Llipietta .44 Black Powder Ser. 170034

Crossman Mod. 1600 Powermatic Ser.980333600

Daisy RR Mod.111 Ser. J297094

Daisy RR 2000 Millennium Edition mod. 1938B (N.I.B.)

Daisy Roy Rogers & Trigger “Happy Trails” Mod. 1938B  #180 of 2500 w/box

Daisy Powerline 900 Co2 pump W/box

Daisy 2001 35 shot .177 pellet repeater

Crossman 400 .22 Blt. Wooden stock Co2 repeater

Ammo: .22 LR bird & HP, .22Mag, .243, .303 Brit, 22-250, 12Ga. 20Ga. .22 & .177 Pellets.  Lot of .45 Muzzle loading balls.


Lee reloading bench press, hand press, Pwdr scales & Meas. Cups, auto prime, Pwdr measure (sold as a set) RCBS scales

Dies:  30-30, 303 Brit, .243, 22-250,

Bullets: 22-250, .243, 303 Brit

Powder: Pyrodex, Black Powder, 4064 & 4100 Smokeless

Misc. gun accessories


This is not going to be a long auction, there are no extras BE ON TIME!  We will sell guns first, followed by ammo and then reloading merchandise. 


Buyers must be 21 years of age for firearms or 18 for air rifles.  Out of state Buyers are responsible for export/import fees.  All items sold as is.  Cash or personal check accepted as payment.  For the safety of our buyers and auction help all auction Items will be spaced out, guns will have trigger locks.  Please wear a mask and be courteous of others wishes for Covid safety. 


Bill Witter - Seller

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